Actors for an Alan Wake Film

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I know there will not be any Alan Wake movies or TV shows, but if there was and I got to pick who to cast, here are the actors I would choose!

Alan Wake – Hugh Jackman

Barry – Jack Black

Alice Wake – Gwyneth Paltrow

Rusty – James Franco

Agent Robert Nightingale – Kevin Costner

Dr. Emil Hartman – Kenneth Branagh

Sarah Breaker – Mila Kunis

Carl Stucky – Tommy Lee Jones

Rose Marigold – Charlize Theron

Odin Anderson – Donald Sutherland

Cynthia Weaver – Eileen Brennan

Barbara Jagger – Marian Seldes

Tor Anderson – Richard Hamilton

Ben Mott – Alon Aboutboul

Well, hoped you liked my casting choices! Feel free to comment and tell me who you’d cast in an Alan Wake film! (You don’t need to include all the characters though)

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