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Only Minor Detail Will Be Given,  Never Major Spoilers

Another desolate world filled with horrendous wild life is at your fingertips. Riddick is as savage as ever! He leads you deeper into depths of his struggles, to cope with being the only one left of his kind. A tormented mind of paranoia, even when surrounded by the lust of enough female followers to pleasure a crew of timid men. He is still wickedly twisted inside, into a silent mad hatter like trance… With all sights zeroed in on returning to his home planet Furya. Even now as a Commander of the Necromongers, Riddick has the vengeance to apply a legacy of his people. Really bringing back the cult favorite Pitch Black, but adding better visuals and more action with decent acting.

As I just said, if you liked Pitch Black, then this movie is for you.

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