Relationships and Need

How we treat our friends and family is very crucial to our well being both physiologically and physically.

Sarah Tushemereirwe

The people God has surrounded me with are those that have played a crucial role in my life. They’re family, friends and anyone around me.

Proper identity comes from the blessing of our heavenly Father speaking to us through the people He has assigned to give oversight to us.

We normally under look our family, friends and especially the people we stay with and by we, I mean even I. We think that the people who will develop or inspire us are outside the home we live in yet it’s not actually true.

Unfortunately, at work we carry a similar attitude that our workmates don’t get us. We think that the situation would be better if we had different colleagues and therefore, we end up missing the positive outcomes of people around us.

We are so oblivious, that we don’t think the people around us have been predestined by God…

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