A incredible story that you should definitely read.

Taking a pill to treat depression and psychosis is widely believed to be one of the main solutions to most mental disorders. But could this be a wrong approach? Could there be a simpler truth?

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Sam Reality Nominated Me For The Versatile Blogger Award

Another nomination for Lyn!

Just Something About LynLyn


So this is my last installment for the Versatile Blogger Award series. If you are new to my blog, I have a policy where I only do five posts per award. Sam Reality is the lucky person that has the last slot nomination for this award. Thank you, Sam, for it! 😀

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Let’s cut to the chase…what do you want?

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A little over a month ago, a guest cancelled on one of the researchers for the NTV breakfast show. She wasn’t very familiar with people in the arts so she asked me to help. She asked me to call a “famous artiste”. I know only two “famous artistes” with whom I relate on first name basis but I also know a guy who knows a guy, so I called a “famous artiste”.

The conversation was more of a “My name is Patricia, I’m calling from NTV. Would you like to perform on our breakfast show? ” conversation.

The show happened, it was great, everyone was happy and my contact list was a “famous person who doesn’t remember my name” longer. If he saved my number, it was probably Patricia NTV.

I only had to talk to this artiste again when I was tasked to help look for artistes to perform at the 40-40…

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Logo Design & Illustrations

Hello everyone!

This small gritty post covers my interest and my long sealed skill in Illustrations and design  along side others. I have been a small fish in the pond for a long time and hadn’t given much time into the art of logo design and illustrations.

Today, i get to share a small piece of my own work and i hope to work with other people and at the same develop and design for them their own pieces. In the future i will keep show casing more of my work as time goes by.

Your views and thoughts will be appreciated.

Thank you and have a lovely day.

Allan Bangirana. M

Freelance Web Illustrator & Develop

One of the pieces.

Logo design

Logo design

Of recent…

Well, i haven’t written a blog in a while and with the current ups and downs ranging from unemployment and so on in my country. One would say maybe its the electoral process and campaigns that are sucking up the economy not forgetting the previous leaked military budget close to 100 billion in Ugandan Shillings.

Our government does have and always has been known for its neglect and not dealing with the current issues such as the high unemployment levels, health facilities lingering in a poor state and talk about human rights abuse. But this is the world we live in, a broken piece of glass with each shard bringing discomfort and pain here and there.

With all that said, yeah i know, its quite little for a blog but i hope to write more in the future.